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Age Appropriate Makeup

Learn how to shine, whatever your age

Age is a touchy subject for women, so it’s no wonder that beauty and age-appropriate makeup become all wrapped up in the issue. Wear too little, and you feel frumpy. Wear too much, and you feel like you’re trying too hard. Rest assured, you can still have fun with beauty products at any age, but sticking to a few simple guidelines will mean that your makeup will always earn you the right kind of attention.

20s: The beauty world is your oyster.
At this age, you can still breezily pull off a number of daring makeup stunts “ from glitter to dramatic smoky eye makeup to unusual colour choices (yes, deep plum really can be a flattering lip shade). As you continue to transition into the adult world, just remember to match your makeup to the occasion. Glitter on the dancefloor is great. At a job interview? Not so much. You probably also have the freedom to go minimal with foundation, so take advantage of this while you can. Best Bet: Bold eyeshadow.

30s: By now, you should know what works for you and your complexion and your personal style.
Plus, you’ve got a whole arsenal of tried and tested products and brands at your disposal, which will save you heaps of time and money. The potential flip side of getting into the beauty comfort zone is that you can also get into a rut. Take the time to re-evaluate your makeup bag and see if you need to make any updated swaps. Maybe the lipstick shade in your colour is no longer in style, or you need to try some new eye makeup textures. Now is also the time to ramp up your budget for skin care products. Best Bet: Luxurious lipstick.

40s and beyond: You may need to be a bit more careful about what you put on your face, but you can still pull off a gorgeous look.
Avoid products with heavy textures, which can settle into fine lines and get cakey-looking. Ditto for anything too sparkly, which can just draw attention to a less-than-sparkling complexion. Look for silky, natural textures in rosy shades “ a pink tone will help to perk up your skin tone. And invest in a good highlighting product “ used artfully (ie. not all over!), it can give you a subtle brightening up. Best Bet: Soft pink blush.

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