4 Gifts For The Guy Who Has Everything

He. Has. EVERYTHING. No really, we know some women exaggerate this fact, but this time it is truth. Your man literally has everything he could ever want. Clothes, movies, games, gadgets, gizmos, this, that and everything in between. So short of picking him up a brand new yacht or a Boeing-747 on your way to his birthday celebration, you are at an absolute loss for this year. What to do, what to do?

Well fret no more sweetheart because we have four ideas that offer the perfect solution to any gift-giving woes you may have, no matter what your man is in to.

1. A guided food tour
Haven't heard of Dishcrawl or The Social Feed yet? Well if you live in (or near) any of the major Canadian cities…and particularly if your man is a bit of a foodie…you definitely need to be checking out these events. These unique dining experiences not only allow you to sample some of the best cuisine that your city has to offer but they also allow you to get to know other food lovers who are living in your area.

2. Tickets to a game
When do sports ever get old for a guy? Never. If you're guy is a sports fanatic, this is definitely the way to his heart. Whether it's tickets to his absolute, most favourite team (ever!) or simply tickets to a Saturday afternoon minor league game that the two of you can enjoy together, this will be a gift that he can enjoy no matter what time of year or what the occasion.

Guitar Lessons

3. Music lessons
At work, in the car, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the bedroom…..hey, ahem, ladies, get your minds out the gutter! We are talking about all the places your man likes to blast his tunes, not where he likes to…well, right, back to the music. Whether or not your guy has even the slightly talent for picking up a common melody, we can guarantee that if he is into music, he has at some point dreamed about learning to play the guitar or the drums or even the piano. So go ahead, make his dream come true. Even if he is terrible, we can guarantee he'll thank you for it.

4. Colour Changing LED Shower Head
Okay, now you are allowed to start thinking thoughts that are a little more sexy. Or dirty even because you know what is NOT dirty? A clean man. And you know what is sexy? A clean man showering under LED lights. Head over to Amazon and check out the wide selection of super cool. Not only will the gadget junkie in him love this, but we can think of some pretty good ways the two of you can enjoy it together…


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