Flats Fever: A Guide on How to Wear Flats: Choose Classic

Pair with anything
The best thing about flats is that you can slip them on at anytime with any outfit! However, if you really want your flats to stand out amongst the sea of stillettos and sandals there are a few tips on how to wear them based on your outfit. If jeans, capris or shorts are what you plan to wear, match it with a basic, one colour utilitarian flat that compliments the outfit, rather than overpower it. If your style is more feminine and you want to pair a skirt or maxi dress with a pair of flats choose one that stands out, either in terms of prints, details or colour. Also consider staying true to one of the main inspirations of the popular trend and go with a pair of quilted ballerina flats, that work well with either a casual or dressy outfit. Tori Burch, US$265

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