<img src="http://b.scorecardresearch.com/p?c1=2&c2=15350591&cv=2.0&cj=1" /> Create #UnicornMagic With These Holographic Makeup Picks

Create #UnicornMagic With These Holographic Makeup Picks

There’s simply no denying it, the internet is absolutely obsessed with holographic everything right now, and this maybe-not-so-micro micro-trend extends to just about everything from hair, to nails, to makeup. For anyone hoping to channel their inner-Pokemon-card this summer, we’ve rounded up five holographic makeup finds, available at a department store near you. (Because holographic is the new black, or something like that.)

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Available in 20 creamy colours, this La Cré¨me Color Drenched Lipstick, (also known as “Unicorn Tears”), from Too Faced, is backed by hundreds of positive reviews from ecstatic customers. (“It’s supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” writes one.)

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