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If there’s one thing I felt like I didn’t really need any help with, it was sweating. I’m a pretty sweaty person. I’ve made my peace with that fact (I steer clear of silk tops and always, always layer), so please, no sympathy head tilts. So when Pommelló Sweats asked me to try out their new […]

Alexandra Donaldson donaldson.alexandra@gmail.com Author Alex is a freelance writer and editor based in Toronto. Although she recently took up yoga in an effort to be a healthy adult, she still binge-watches cartoons on the regular and dreams of running away to a cottage in the woods. She writes regularly about fashion, beauty and wellness and you can spot her byline at CanadianLiving.com and TheWhaleAndTheRose.com. Follow her on Snapchat: alxdonaldson 29Secrets