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http://29secrets.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/how-i-trick-myself-into-being-healthier-150x116.jpg Ashley Kowalewski-Pizzi Wellness ,,,

For a person who spends her days putting words into sentences, sentences into paragraphs, paragraphs into semi-cohesive stories, I’m not that smart. I’m constantly tricking myself into making healthy decisions and I’m not sure how it’s even working. If it’s my brain that comes up with the brilliant idea to trick myself into doing something […]

ash.kowalewski@gmail.com Administrator Ash is a freelance writer and editor and branded content creator. She loves testing out all the latest beauty products and has more pink lipsticks, neon post-its and daily cups of coffee than the average human. When she's not wading through the beauty aisles of her local Shoppers and Sephora, you can probably find her watching Friends or Gilmore Girls for the hundredth time or hanging with her pup Odie. 29Secrets