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Supply provisions If you’re worried that your guests might not have a good time, trust me: free booze will help. Have some fun with it and set up a self-serve drink cart with an assortment of hard liquors, mixers, glasses, paper or glass straws and drink stirrers. Crack out champagne in personalized flutes at countdown […]

Megan Stulberg megstulberg@gmail.com Author Megan Stulberg is a Toronto-based writer, illustrator and social strategist, but is currently living in Los Angeles, so her bio is off to a confusing start accordingly. She is the co-founder of Vegan Girlfriend ( @vegangirlfriend), a recipe blog dedicated to exposing how easy living a plant-based, cruelty-free lifestyle can be. When she isn't working she can usually be found crashing a spin class, cuddling her dog, trying to save the world, getting tattooed or nursing a sugar hangover. 29Secrets