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The Canadian tuxedo Drinking homemade (spiked) peach cocktail in Trinity Bellwoods in starfish position with your squad clad in a denim-on-denim ensemble. At first you might be wondering why we didn’t suggest that paisley printed playsuit for this activity but if you’ve ever actually spent the day lying down in the grass at Trinity Bellwoods […]

Justine Iaboni justine@jetsetjustine.com Author Justine Iaboni is a style blogger and writer. You can find her at www.jetsetjustine.com. She lives and works in Toronto but is always jet-setting off to a new place every month - hence the blog name. She loves taking a witty and unconventional perspective on style, and loves a good pun. Her followers always say her blog is the only one they still actually read. But if you follow her on Snapchat you’ll see a whole different - crazier - side of her. 29Secrets