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For the record, nothing I am about to tell you is for sure. I am not promising there is a Downton Abbey movie on the way, nor am I promising that if there was to be one it would be good. I am simply relaying information I have learned through independent sources that may or […]

annetdonahue@gmail.com Author Anne T. Donahue is a writer and person who lives just outside of Toronto and knows way too much about the Great British Bake Off. 29Secrets


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Staying up to date with current events has been emotionally draining lately to say the least. However, it’s still important to know what’s going on in the world — regardless of how crazy it may be. Not only will brushing up on current events arm you with something to talk about at your next networking […]

Meghan Jeffery meghan.r.jeffery@gmail.com Author Meghan is a content and social media manager in Toronto, and loves sharing her passion for the digital sphere in her work. A globe trotter at heart, if she's not trolling online for a flight deal, she's scoping out the next best place to check out in Toronto. 29Secrets
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No matter how great a relationship is, people will tell you that they take some work and effort. But how much work to keep a relationship going is too much? If you’re feeling like your relationship has run its course, chances are, it has. This may be difficult to admit, and even more difficult to […]

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As a general rule, when it comes to makeup, I strongly believe that you should go with what you like and listen to your skin. In other words, if your skin enjoys the experience (i.e. no breakouts or reactions) and your eyes enjoy the colour, no website or person can tell you otherwise. Too many women […]

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For most people, the lather-rinse routine is one that is the most important, but also the most underrated. A simple part of everyone’s day has rapidly become a controversial topic — are you shampooing your hair too often? Should you be switching shampoos and conditioners every few months? What about using drugstore versus professional products? […]

Natalie Milne natalie.milne@ideonmedia.com Administrator 29Secrets
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It’s been one of those weeks (she said, every week since November 8, 2016) where time has slowed to a crawl and we’re all like, “Oh wow, it’s only Thursday? Crazy! I thought it was Friday in maybe like, 2021 because how can a year feel like molasses?” Which means we need a quick distraction. […]

annetdonahue@gmail.com Author Anne T. Donahue is a writer and person who lives just outside of Toronto and knows way too much about the Great British Bake Off. 29Secrets
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Taipei, Taiwan – 花系列 這是山櫻花 春天。花都開好了 . . . . . #台大 #台灣大學 #台北 #台灣 #NTU#nationaltaiwanuniversity#Taipei#Taiwan#iseetaiwan#exploretaiwan#vsco#vscocam##vscodaily#vscotaiwan#igerstaiwan#ig_taiwan#bpintaiwan#bns_taiwan#bns#bns_city#bestnatureshot#landscape#streetphotography#cityview#cityphotography#htc10#睿眼看台灣 A post shared by Ray (@ray_wang_2) on Mar 23, 2017 at 6:52am PDT Taipei is known for being a great place for solo travel, thanks to its easy-to-navigate transit system, English signage and friendly locals. Plus, the subway system’s […]

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Hello spring! As a hater of snow, slush and grey skies, I couldn’t be happier that this winter is (theoretically) flying by! However, now that it is March, I’m in a bit of a funk over just how fast the days are passing (and how little I am accomplishing). Three months into 2017 and I’ve […]

Cristina Avila thisiscristinaavila@gmail.com Author Cristina is retail obsessed with a knack for saving money. A discount diva, you can spot Cristina scouting out new stores and sales all across the GTA. Cristina spends her free time glued to social media, trying new workouts and looking for the best new coffee spots in Toronto. 29Secrets
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After marathoning the latest season of Catastrophe last night, I spent 45 minutes sobbing over the fact they’ll be no new Riverdale this week. “There are no good TV shows to watch!” I said, lying, in this fictional moment I am writing about. “What is even the point?” Well guess what, friends: Yolanda Hadid — […]

annetdonahue@gmail.com Author Anne T. Donahue is a writer and person who lives just outside of Toronto and knows way too much about the Great British Bake Off. 29Secrets
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This week’s episode showed the first out-of-Toronto escapade for the ladies: a trip to Muskoka a.k.a. “The Hamptons of Toronto,” according to Roxy. While last week’s tequila party was all the rage, this week Joan boasts why she is the queen of Muskoka and she’ll host parties to prove it. Here are the highlights from this week’s Real Housewives […]

Kathryn Kyte kathrynkyte@gmail.com Author Kathryn Kyte is a journalist and writer whose interests include fashion, music and kimchi, in heavy rotation. Her work has appeared at outlets including The Huffington Post, Thump/Vice and ET Canada. 29Secrets
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Float After being folded up like a deckchair in your airplane seat, combat jetlag and reenergize your blood circulation with 60 serene minutes “floating” in an egg-shaped pod at True Rest Float Spa, in neighboring Gilbert. Filled with 10 inches of an Epsom Salt/water solution (1,000 pounds of salt in 180 gallons of water for […]

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Ashley Kowalewski is the managing editor of 29Secrets and Anne T. Donahue is a writer. They are also very good friends, having cemented their friendship when on a work trip and Anne felt super sick and Ashley didn’t judge her for popping Pepto Bismol and Imodium like she was being paid to. (She wasn’t.) Today […]

annetdonahue@gmail.com Author Anne T. Donahue is a writer and person who lives just outside of Toronto and knows way too much about the Great British Bake Off. 29Secrets
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Vows are hard. Actually, let me start again. If you’ve decided to ditch the script, vows are hard. For some people, vows aren’t even something they need to think about. It’s a given that many couples will recite the same vows as their parents and their grandparents, and pretty much most couples. Chances are if […]

Alexandra Donaldson donaldson.alexandra@gmail.com Author Alex is a freelance writer and editor based in Toronto. Although she recently took up yoga in an effort to be a healthy adult, she still binge-watches cartoons on the regular and dreams of running away to a cottage in the woods. She writes regularly about fashion, beauty and wellness and you can spot her byline at CanadianLiving.com and TheWhaleAndTheRose.com. Follow her on Snapchat: alxdonaldson 29Secrets
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Even if you take magnesium, melatonin and drink chamomile tea before bed, it’s still important to make sure you get into the right mental state before putting yourself to bed. When it comes to this — what is referred to as “sleep hygiene” — a nightly ritual is best. I find when I slack on my sleep […]

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